Bust down!

The Lone Star String Band performs the music of the common man. That is to say that it was the music of the common man back in the 1920s and 1930s when it was first recorded.


We're playing the very roots of country music, as performed by such Texas greats as Eck Robertson, Prince Albert Hunt  and the East Texas Serenaders. You are not going to hear this music on the radio or much of anywhere really, which makes us a different kind of band.


The early record companies didn't know quite what to call this music. They labeled it "old-time" or "hillbilly." In fact, it was the music played on porches and at dances throughout rural America. 


When we perform these old songs and fiddle tunes, it touches people. They understand it's about we the people from a bygone era. But it's still in our DNA. Now how can you not want to hear "Dance All Night With a Bottle in Your Hand" or "How Many Biscuits Can You Eat?" or "Sal's Got Mud Between Her Toes." The truth is that you would be hard-pressed not to.


People often mistake our music for bluegrass, which came along later in the 1940s.  Our string band music is a bit older and wilder, like the land and the people of the time.

We hope you enjoy our music. Wherever we go, we aim to please.

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“The fiddler held an unusual position in West Texas society. Fiddle music was prized as one of the few social diversions available. The fiddler,  however, was often characterized as lazy, hard-drinking, and generally worthless.” -- From the book Prairie Nights to Neon Lights by Joe Carr and Alan Munde.


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