Pace & Barber: An Option Worth Exploring

The duo Pace & Barber is a subset of the Lone Star String Band offering a different sound and more economic pricing to venues.

We're still performing old-time music, but unlike the full compliment of the LSSB, there are no fiddle tunes. Just great songs that people connect with.

Brandi and Dean's voices compliment each other. Hers is refined and smooth, whereas his is rougher and rounder.  Their harmonies work very well together and have a unique texture. In short, the music is different than that of the LSSB.

Also, it should come as no surprise that a duo can charge less than a trio. Venues -- whether it be craft breweries, pubs, festivals, museums, corporate events -- should take note that the duo Pace & Barber is an option worth exploring. 


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