The Band

The Lone Star String Band plays old-time music, the precursor or parent music to bluegrass. We are based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area but are willing to travel. For two of us, our wives would actually prefer that.


We play old fiddle tunes and songs from the late 19th century and early 20th century, featuring the fiddle, guitar and banjo, and our high lonesome vocals, which may on occasion prompt howling from any nearby dog.


Earnie "Pappy" Taft is our fiddle player and has been playing the "devil's box' for many years. Before becoming a fiddle player, he had a distinguished career at drinking whiskey and playing cards.  Pappy lives in Arlington, Texas, but he does not know Jerry Jones.

Dean Barber, aka "Ol' DB", plays clawhammer banjo because  he does not know any better. DB can be found wandering the streets near his home in Farmers Branch, Texas, waving his arms and yelling to no one in particular. He is generally harmless.

Brandi "Ecap" Pace is a school marm, charged with herding children from one place to another and teaching them how to become productive adults and not musicians. She has refined tastes and finds Earnie and Dean rather amusing and clueless.

I courted her for beauty, but love it was in vain. They carried me down to Dallas to wear the ball and chain. -- From The Bravest Cowboy


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